We are proud of the numerous accolades and awards of recognition this dynamic organization has received. At V.I.U. we take the business of the Virgin Islands seriously. Simply put, we’ve done more, & we’ll do more, to represent our people! Here are a few “fast facts”, and a look at our impressive accomplishments thus far:

 V.I.U. has been recognized and endorsed by numerous elected officials including: Charles Turnbull, Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands; Gerard Luz James, Lieutenant Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands; Donna Christiansen Delegate to Congress Representing the U.S.V.I.; Almondo Liburd, Senate President, Legislature of the Virgin Islands; Senator Adlah Donastorg, Legislature of the Virgin Islands; C. Virginia Fields, Manhattan Borough President NYC; Allan Hevesi, former NYC Comptroller; & Una Clarke, former Councilwoman   
 V.I.U. has donated computers to the South Bronx, Job Corps, where many V.I. & Caribbean students attend. 
 Honorary memberships belong to Emile Griffith Former Middleweight & Welterweight Boxing Champion of The World, Senate President Almondo “Rocky” Liburd, Senator, Adlah Donastorg; & Senator Doug Canton.   
 V.I.U. has given away (4) scholarships to Virgin Islands and Caribbean youth, for the pursuit of higher education. 
 V.I.U. through its aggressive marketing campaigns (i.e. radio, and print) represents the only “public” voice for the U.S. Virgin Islands represented in the mainstream tri-state media market. V.I.U. has been featured in numerous articles, printed in newspapers like: The New York Daily News; Caribbeat Magazine, Carib News, Caribbean Life, The New York Beacon, The Virgin Islands Daily News, The St. Croix Avis. 
 V.I.U. supports year-round social and cultural activities for the benefit of the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean community within the tri-state area. 
 V.I.U. has national programs, which directly benefit the Virgin Islands community in North America and within the Territory: Yard Bird Program, V.I.U. Town Hall, and V.I.U Hurricane Relief Fund.   
 V.I.U. brand has high visibility and acceptability within the Tri-State Caribbean community. 
 V.I.U. is designed to empower, assist, and to represent the Virgin Islands community - Virgin Islanders are United! 
 V.I.U. has become a dominant force in the metropolitan area, and a progressive, and positive representation of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Virgin Islanders United brings together the very best that the Virgin Islands has to offer; our people, our drive, our dedication! The members of this organization are committed to the goal of preserving, spotlighting, and defending our rich culture & heritage. V.I.U. can rely on strong partnerships with various Caribbean organizations, non-profits, businesses, and several Fortune 500 companies, who have all come to respect and desire to work with V.I.U. time and time again. V.I.U. is constantly working towards securing better education, civic, economic, cultural and social opportunities for Virgin Islanders be it within the Tri-State area or at home in the Virgin Islands.

An unmatched love for the Virgin Islands, and a positive and caring spirit, is what characterizes this organization, which has learned that there is strength in Unity - and indeed Virgin Islanders are united! Membership in this positive organization is open to all.

For a membership application, or to learn more information about Virgin Islanders United call our hotline at (212) 713-5787, log on to our membership area or write to us at:

Virgin Islanders United, Inc.
P.O. Box 1093