There has always been a historic relationship between the Virgin Islands and New York City. In fact the first wave of Virgin Islanders coming to the United States migrated to New York. Therefore, decades before Virgin Islanders United, Inc. came to be, many other Virgin Islanders came to New York City and the World and made their historic mark for our people. We want to take this time to remember these important people, and share them with you the reader. This page is dedicated to those distinguished Virgin Islanders Civic Leaders, Labor Leaders, Philanthropists, Artists, Poets, Photographers – Virgin Islanders! 

If you are of U.S. Virgin Islands descent we ask that you look up each one of the men and women profiled on this page on the internet, or seek out and read a book about these great men and women, who through their individual efforts did so much for New York, The United States, and most importantly the people of the Virgin Islands. 

Today, Virgin Islanders United, Inc. continues the important and proud tradition of representing V.I. culture in New York and beyond. 

"Never forget where you came from!"


Famous Virgin Island Leaders