V.I.U. has three National Programs designed to empower, improve, and uplift the Virgin Islands & Caribbean Community within the tri-state area. These programs were created for our people, by our people.

Hurricane Relief Program
The Hurricane Relief Program was developed to provide assistance and support to our community back home in the event of a hurricane. V.I.U. support includes the shipping of items such as medical supplies, drinking water and clothing, as well as setting up drop off centers for donations and supplies to be shipped to those in need. The program also serves as an information hub between the Virgin Islands community both home and abroad, in the aftermath of a storm. The Hurricane Relief Center is located at "Action for Progress, Inc." 255 E. Houston Street, New York, NY 10002.   

Chairperson: George Larsen

Yardbird Mentorship Program
This unique mentoring program focuses on often untapped potential of our young people. That potential may be academic, career-oriented or skill focused. The program is geared towards students of Virgin Islands descent pursuing academic or entrepreneurial opportunities in the tri-state area. Mentors and protégés are paired through an application and matching process. Over a 12-month period, a series of workshops and activities are designed and implemented to support the mentoring relationship.   
Chairperson: Position Open

The V.I.U. Town Hall Meeting
V.I.U. Town Hall meetings are networking forums where Virgin Islanders have the opportunity to discuss various topics ranging from business to health, culture and finances. Representatives from these various professions, and others, are invited to take part in these informative and lively discussions. In addition, the Town Hall Chairperson identifies opportunities for V.I.U. to become involved in community events such as the March of Dimes WalkAmerica.   
Chairperson: Tamara Wrenn